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 Working in media and journalism since 2006 has given me the opportunity to hone and perfect many types of photography from static subjects with ample prep time, all the way to fast-moving subjects requiring split-second calculations and adjustments in inclement weather conditions. There are no situations or conditions in which I’m not willing and able to do whatever it takes to nail the shot. Versatility in my craft has taken me to places beyond my wildest [almost] imaginations.

I’ve had the privilege to be instrumental in growing brands into successful businesses from the ground up and the opportunity to take an already established brand to the next level with my relevant ideas and extensive experience with today's market.

From the essential industry-standard commercial images, relatable and candid portraits, out-of-the-box innovation, all the way to the weirdest urban subcultures and interests, I’m up for the challenge and look forward to telling the story the way it deserves to be told – whatever it is.

Working as part of a team has always been essential for me. I understand that there can almost always be something to be learned from working with others – by both parties involved. Whether the team consists of myself as the sole creative working with a client, or if the team is made up of a collective of creatives and clients, I consider any project I takes on as teamwork. There is power and creativity in the collective and that is something I always strive to tap into with my work.

My versatility and personality has given me the opportunity to work with clients ranging from companies like Honda, Suzuki, Chrysler, BMW, Canadian Music Week, Autoblog, AOL, Huffpost, MSNBC, Environmental Defence, Government of Canada, to name a few; to countless individuals, families and smaller business – each just as important as the next.

As a highly social and engaged person that throws myself head-on into anything I’m interested in—be it the local music and creative scene, history, working with the marginalized in the community, action sports, I never hesitate to approach a project with empathy, passion and a zest for being part of another creative endeavour to be proud of.

Technical expertise is crucial to being able to produce stunning images, but I believe that photography is much more than that. It's having the ability to connect with subjects and humans on a deeper level and understanding. With my global experience, several lifetimes of extreme highs and lows; and a keen and open understanding of the human condition, I’m able to produce images that go beyond a simple expertly framed snapshot. Images that tell a story – images that capture the beauty and ugliness of life in all its glory. Being a parent of a toddler also gives me a lot of insight into the connection needed to take authentic and relatable images of families just being themselves in an organic way.

If you're interested in exploring your ideas or collaborating with me, feel free to hit the contact button up top and reach me in one of the many bajillion ways one can connect in this day and age. I’m genuinely excited to work with new people and becoming a key player in taking your ideas to the next level.

PS: I know these things are supposed to be written in the third person…